Come si diffonde l’informazione?

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"What makes a clothing style, TV show, or movie "take off" in popularity?What leads to the spread of fads and crazes?
Some scholars focus on the products or ideas themselves (known as memes).
Others look at the social networks over which messages are transmitted.
From culture to public health to surfing the 'net, networks and diffusion processes play major roles.
I hope you'll find the educational resources below to be useful.
The list of links has gotten pretty long, so be sure to scroll all the way down!"

via word of mouth communication study, scopro questa interessantissima raccolta di conoscenza e risorse in merito a social network, word of mouth, memes…gestita dal Dr. Alan Reifman, membro della Texas Tech University, Department of Human Development and Family Studies.


One Response to “Come si diffonde l’informazione?”

  1. Carlo Says:

    On this topic and the relevance of social networking in marketing and the management of complex organization a new Italian website called COMPLEXLAB deserve a visit.

    This post is also an invitation to join and collaborate to a collaborative project aimed to create a theory of complessity community online.


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