Sul futuro dell’advertising….


Vi invito a scaricare gratuitamente questo e-book di Ernie Mosteller su come l'industria dell'advertising sta cambiando e su come le agenzie dovrebbero reagire a questi cambiamenti.

Il concetto è semplice:" non puoi utilizzare un mulo senza "bacchettarlo" un pò prima con un bastoncino!"

segue un estratto delle prime pagine del libro:

"What we need is a good stick
My dad is as Southern as they come. He’s a citrus grower. And he’s full
of the kind of common sense most people in advertising or marketing or, well,
most businesses, never even stop to consider anymore.
Dad used to joke that before you can get a mule to do anything – first,
you have to whack him over the head with a stick – to get his attention.
Fortunately, we never actually had a mule, so I never had to witness this
theory in action. Animal cruelty aside, though – I’m thinking advertising, maybe,
needs a good whack.
Which led me to think more about that stick.
Adults don’t pay much attention to sticks. Unless we’re raking the yard,
or cleaning the gutters. But kids like sticks. Because they’re simple enough to
do, or be, anything.
If you’re a kid, a good stick can solve almost any problem. Whether it’s a
stick you found in the yard, or a broomstick you found in the closet. It can be a
bat, or a laser, or a flagpole. It can hold up a tent, poke into a hole to see
what’s there, and reach the shoe that, somehow, got stuck in a tree.

Most adults have forgotten just how useful a good stick can be. Maybe
the kids are onto something. Maybe, when we find our complicated solutions
aren’t working, we should do what a kid would do: Use a stick.
But, remember: Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it’s
easy or painless. Advertising, the way it exists right now, is a lot like that mule.
Before we can solve anything, we might have to take a couple of whacks"


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