Sticky: youth trendspotting community di MTV


…e guardate MTV cosa ha fatto..ha equipaggiato una bimba di 7 anni con una macchina fotografica per un’ora…

questi sono i risultati!

MTV Sticky is the Youth Trend Feed from MTV International Research and Planning designed to keep MTV staff and our associates close to our audience and inspired by youth culture.

Sticky is a tool designed to scan a mass of information and filter it into a great useable resource.

Sticky consists of 3 elements:

  1. This blogsite, updated daily by MTV spotters around the world, features the best most relevant stuff in the following categories: Sounds, Gaming, Cool, Lifestyle, Geek, and Art.
  2. A regular e-mail newsletter feed highlighting the latest and very best content on the site, short and sweet.
  3. A printed magazine published quarterly which will take the most popular insights and develop them into a theme, with longer articles and primary research. An electronic version of each issue is available to download from this blogsite

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