Shel Israel…Respect!

Molti di voi avranno già letto questo post di Shel Israel…tuttavia permettetemi di riportare questo passaggio sulla differenza tra marketing virale e conversational marketing.

Trovo che contribuisca a fare chiarezza:

“Instead, let’s look at conversational v. viral marketing. While they often appear in the same manner, they really are quite different or so it seems to me.

A viral marketing campaign may start on a whiteboard. They want to take something and push it out one-directionally. They hope to infect customers with something; to inject an additive into word of mouth engines. In almost all cases, the objective is money or getting someone elected. If they give you something, viral marketers are measuring that in terms of cost of goods sold.

By contrast a Conversational Marketer’s objective is to establish a mutually beneficial dialog. They also want an ROI but they understand that it is easier and faster to achieve this by being generous in conversation, by establishing credibility, transparency and trust. They understand they can make more money from better products and services by listening to customers and prospects some of whom may enter the conversation passionately filled with rage. By listen to the enraged and the impassioned, conversational marketers figure out how to adjust course and give people what they want, rather than try to persuade them to buy something they don’t want.

If you have not yet figured out why I post nearly 1000 times a year, let me explain that I am a conversational marketer. I’d love it if every reader buys my book, hires me to consult or pays a conference producer because I’m speaking at their event. But if you don’t do that, then it’s nice when you just come here leave comments here, or pick up what I’m talking about on your own blog or at your water cooler or in your car pool or over your backyard fence. Yes, I’m marketing myself, and I’m trying to build a personal brand. To do this, I try to be generous as often as I can.

But the only virus I want to spread is enthusiasm for the emerging social media.” Shel Israel

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